Season starts in Espoo...

Summer is just around the corner and running season has officially started.

27.4.2014, My first Länsiväylä run, in Espoo.

The running event is called "the start of finnish running season" and it certainly had quite a few participants. I also saw few finnish politics either running or campaigning for euro elections.

Grumpy Janne before the race. I forgot my water bottle somewhere, so had to purchase something to drink...
This time I started the season with a quick run, only 6 kilometers run, but it was enough for me. At least for now, as they say - you get more hungry, the more you eat ;) Time was around 30 minutes, I didn't enter to run competively anyways. I was with a friend who just started the running hobby. So I tried to run around the same time. Well that didn't really work and in the end we went separate ways :D.

Maybe next time I just say "see you at the finishing line!"

Overall Länsiväylä juoksu (run) was organized really well, there were signs everywhere at the starting location for WC, where to get running bibs, etc. Definately will try to participate next year also.

The weather was also great. Sun was shining, so hopefuly people remembered to take care of their suplements and that they drank enough water!

I read that the 6 kilometer race was also re-modeled from last year and this year the route was different. I'm not sure how was it previously, but I enjoyed this years route. It was definetely a great 6 kilometers to run.

Finisher with a medal, sun is shining and everything is good!
I've also started going to gym more frequently and I even have a personal trainer. I will tell you about this more in a later blog post.

Have you already started your running season?