Walpurgis night (Vappu) adventure 2014

Walpurgis night, or more commonly said "Vappu", this glorious day for everyone. Vappu gathers all kind of people to celebrate and no alcohol is wasted. My personal vappu went me being sober (for once!) but little blogger inside me, wanted to commemorate this moment for everyone to see.

After I got out of work, I decided to go home and get changed to some slightly more "nicer" clothing. Once I was done with that, I left to meet up a friend and see what this years celebration would look like. The weather wasn't the best, but it's never stopped people getting drunk anyway!

Unlike normally, I was early to arrive to the meeting point. My friend had me informed, that would be late, so I had some free sparetime to chill around the centre of city. I'm usually the one being late, so I guess I had to taste how it tastes to wait on someone...

There is a tradition "jesus speaks" sermon to be held at Rautatientori, so I went and listened to it for awhile. The familiar Finland for Jesus bus was standing firmly at it's old place and the people lecturing us about how He loves us..

Bus for salvation?

In tradition, Vappu is also a day for drinking, for us finns. But to be honest, since when we needed a certain dates to get drunk? haha.

Common sight in Vappu, in Finland

My friend arrived and we set off, to walk around Helsinki's center. This tour, or adventure, will be later known as a jog/walk.

While walking around the sightsee places, we met lots of happy people, getting drunk as suspected. We crossed over a bridge and found this really beautiful lock, showing the love of two people. I wish I would get one of these to my gym lockerroom. Would be fantastic!

Carved, beautiful lock showing the love of two people

While we were on a walk, we also came across to multiple playgrounds and the inner child in me, got loose and I just had to go play around. I did some pull-ups too! In my clothes, it was slightly uncomfourtable, but luckily there wasn't any judges to give points on style of the completing movement.

Five more, go go! I wonder how many I did so far...

In another angle. Look at the firm grip, the gaze of an eagle and the happy smile. Forget about the points for style!

After the adult inside me kicked in, we left back to continue our vappu adventure journey, to burn off some calories. On our way, we came across to some beautiful sceneries. Finlands architecture can be quite a sight in the evening, with all the lights on. Even for tourists!

A slightly bigger picture of the whole sight

The night was on us, and we decided to start moving back towards the train station. On out way, we noticed the party was still going strong and Cinderella had lost her shoe. There were no signs of price, the pumpkin wagon, or mice. I wonder what happened?

Cinderella's lost shoe

Before we decided to be on our separate ways, we went for a quick window shopping at Kamppi's shopping center. We found quite fascinating items for sale. Here's few of them:

Cuteness overload!

 While I admit I laughed at this fascinating piece of art for a cloth, I started to wonder, does someone actually wear these kind of clothes?

This was a slightly different Vappu than I'm used to, but I had lot of fun walking around for 3 or so hours. My head thanked me the next day, while havign no hangover and I did some recovery training while sightseeing.

How was your Vappu, did you celebrate it? Or walpurgis night? For record, in Finland we celebrate Vappu at 30th of April (get drunk, since the enxt day is off work for everyone)