Dessert & Snowrunfest

Originally I was planning to make a post about Snowrunfest, but I then I found out about this yummy dessert, which I wanted to try to make. Eventually I didn't know which one I should post about, so here it is. A mans choice! Pick one - no, no! Let's take both of them: Here it is a snowrunfest filled dessert post with no added sugar!


Let's start off with the food, since I love making food (read: eating...):

I was hungry, so I decided to make pasta and chicken. Normally I would avoid pasta, unless I know I will be doing lot of exercises, which needs fuel, like marathons etc.

I spiced the chicken by using mexican vegteables once they were almost ready. They are provided in a bag that can be found from stores selling Pirkka-labeled products. I also put some corn-pea-pepperbells in there. I put some chili sauce in there also. Overall the taste was super good. The white stuff is cheese...thingy, no idea of the english name. Sorry!

Chicken pasta ala Janne

Chicken pasta ala Janne

Then like the title already revealed, I made some dessert fit for amateur athlete's like me, who are on a candy/chocolate strike.

These banana-creppes are easy to make and only need few eggs & bananas to make. They taste delicious just the way they are - but you can spice them up with your own choice of fruits/sauce/anything goes (even chocolate proteinshake etc. ). Below is a picture of what I had to choose from:

I had lots of ingredients to choose from - maybe a bit too much ;)?

Suggestions what you can use to top your dessert!

Only needed ingredients for making banana-creppes
Use 1:1 rate for banana/egg

Them bananas and eggs in harmony.
Use blender or mixer to make them into a nice "foam"

In any case, turning these banana-creppes turned out to be slightly difficult. I tried to make them in a big frying pan, but if you have those pans with small holes for creppes - use that. Also you need patience, first few be annoying to flip over, but you get used to it. Also remember the pan needs to be hot!

Making of, happy banana creppe!

Easier if you put them into smaller servings, to flip over, that is.

The creppes turned out OK! in end and I put some fruits on the plate, cashew nuts and poured some coconut flakes on top of the fruits. Really, really, REALLY! delicious. Yum.

Finishing product! Banana creppes surrounded with the love of other fruits, with finishing touch of coconut flakes on top

Finishing product! Banana creppes surrounded with the love of other fruits, with finishing touch of coconut flakes on top

Be warned though, as the main ingredient comes from bananas and eggs, you will be super filled. It's super delicious, so avoid making your stomach explode from the yummies! and no sugar involved, except fruits own sugar!

Last but not least, the second main subject for this blog post: Snowrunfest

So what is snowrunfest?

It's a fun running event with lots of obstacles to pass before you make it to the finishing line. Taken from the organizers website: there are sumo wrestlers, airfilled obstacles, climbing ropes and much more. The whole course is filled with neon lights and there is DJ playing music for people participating (or cheering for the people running).

In total it seems to be super fun event and like the crazy person I am, I'm definetely participating. I also have friend joining, so it is going to be double the fun!

Oh and I should mention it's run outside, in freezing cold and hopefuly there is tons of snow involved. Yes, we finns are crazy!

Map of the obstacle course, provided by snowrunfest organization

The run will happen on 8th of Feb., with after the run there is going to be a nightclub afterparty, which will probably delay the after posting with pictures to the next days... I of course will not drink alcohol, no sir, no no!

You can find more about Snowrunfest here:


If you want to participate, you can do so by applying here before 4th of Feb. (the prices can be found there).


How did you like the foods/ the blogs new look? Are you going to participate on the Snowrunfest?!

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Pps. here is a song called whole again by atomic kitten... I felt so whole after eating so much good stuff and I'm supposed to go have 10km run still...