A bit different day!

Train, sweat, competite, repeat and rinse. That's how it's with most sports, but like a finnish rap artist sang once, it's good to take a holiday and do something different... But what is different, well that's up for you to decide, but this is how I spend few days relaxing.

The story starts on a freezing day, in the cold land of Finland, the land of polarbears and igloos. Well, we don't have polarbears, but with the weather currently we could probably make igloos.

I received couple of free entrance tickets to this exhibition fair called NextStep, which is a fair for people to come and check out what schools/job opporturnities there lies in this country and beyond. The fair was held in Helsinki, at the Exhibtion centre, famous of having all kind of cool fairs all around the year. For example, there is a fair run (10km or 21km distance), which is ran indoors, with stairs and everything. It's awesome. Especially if there is lots of snow and it's cold outside (the fair run is being held on 28th of December for those that are interested).

However, since the weather was nice, I went for a slight jog/run. It was nice. Ready for going to NextStep fair now!

Angry Bird Janne featuring my volunteer outfit I received while i was at work during the world ice hockey championship in 2012, that was held in Helsinki. The jacket is very comfourtable to wear.

Visiting NextStep 22.-23th of January

I visited NExtStep on both days it was going on, because first day I wanted to have relaxing time and get to know every cool opportunity there was. Unfortunatly for me, only few intresting options was available. Mainly LIDL had some job opportunities, which to one I aplied to. I also was very intrested in some of the political parties that were around. Maybe I get into politics some day even more.

But best part in fairs are the never ending competitions, where you can win stuff (and candies, but since I'm on a diet/ still on my new years promises, I didn't eat any... ). I of course like the crazy person am, Aplied to all of them and maybe I win some stuff, like movie tickets... Which I won't use, since going to movies alone is super boring.

There was also some artists, but I'll get them later on a bit more... Right now there is this really cute looking froggy coming near me... I want to take a photo with it!

Yay, I got to take picture with this cute froggy.
But I was wondering... don't we look the same? Brother? IS IT YOU?!

At the fair there was also this popular finnish blogger called Soikkuu. She was tiny. Like really. Reminds me of artist called Anna Abreau. Both have common they are super cute! Soikku also has bunny called Sparta, which is one of the reasons I started to watch her videoblogs. You should too! Just search on Youtube Soikkuu and you find her. She's cute tiny blonde girl.
and if you're looking for another extreme type of videoblogger, search up Niilo22... He's funny.

Oh yes, there was few artists playing during the fair, band called Kuningasidea and rap artist called Sini Sabotage. There also was a rap artist / body builder called Black Barbarian. He is epic win!

Not many photos of Kuningasidea, since I was too busy jamming along with their songs, but there's some of Sini Sabotage and Black Barbaari!


Musta Barbaari
(Black Barbarian)

Sini Sabotage picture

Sini Sabotage with idol singer Alma Miettinen

Sini with the idol singer Alma Miettinen

 Very good gig presented by Sini Sabotage and Alma Miettinen. Black Barbaari held a good show also earlier, but no pictures of it. It was really crowded though. He is popular!

After the rap artist (Sini Sabotage) was done playing her gig, I was looking around and found this super cool spinning-thingy , which I just had to go test and try-out. It was more fun than you can imagine! Just watch the video...


 After the two days of pure awesomes, the fun had to end somewhere and the fair came to an end. It was very nicely organized event, which hopefuly leads to people finding their calling in life, what to do next. Thank you Sakki for organizing the event.

Cakes, we all love cakes!

Oh, I also found a photo of cake my sister once made for me, on my Birthday. It looks really intresting, doesn't it? I can't remember how it tasted, but I'm still alive aren't I ;) Remember to be kind to your siblings!

My birthday cake, which my sister made years back... Looks very exotic doesn't it?

Thanks for reading, next blog post I'm going to tell a bit about the upcoming run I'm going to participate on!