Kaisaniemi half marathon


I participated to my second half-marathon today, sunday 15th of September.

I was sort of excited to see how my training has been doing, ever since I did my first half-marathon (the Helsinki city run). On my first half-marathon ever, my time was 2.13.25.,  which was 4 months ago. The time seems to fly very fast, when you're having fun.

I picked up my running number and shirt day before, on saturday, so I wasn't in a hurry to go to the running site. I left my apartment around 11.50 o´clock, just to realise today was sunday and the public transportation time schedules run slower  than normally. The start of the half-marathon was at 12.45 o´clock.

So I went into slight panic, and ran all the way to the train station, just to notice the train was running late by 6 minutes and would arrive quickly. Luckyyyyy me! VR, oh how I love you so (VR=goverment railroads)

I arrived at center of station around 12.15, where I headed off to the running area. Since it was near the train-station, it didn't take more than just couple of minutes.

I quickly noticed the event is quite small, but I liked the atmosphere. Very friendly and smiling people everywhere. Some of the people were young, some old, so this race would become very intresting.

The run was designed to start at 12.45 and the runners were announced to go to the starting like 5 minutes before the start.

15 seconds before the starting, they announced some very famous runner would send us off with his start pistol. But I don't think he understood finnish, because the announcer said "paikoillenne! (means get ready!) and after that the pistol fired... everyone was quite confused but we started to run anyways.

The run was quite smooth, no bigger problems and it had really beautiful scenery. We ran past parks and stuff in the middle of the city. Very relaxing and great atmosphere.

I noticed there wasn't any toilets though... Would have been unlucky to get the urges to go pee or poop while running!

But like always, everything fun comes to an end and the 21+ km run started to getting closer to the finishing line. I was going to pick up my pace around 1km before the finishing line, but decided I'll just go with the flow and enjoy scenerys.

Last few hundred meters, I could see the finishing line getting closer and closer and BOOM! My second half-marathon was completed!

TIME WAS 1.57.50 !!! That means I ran my second half-marathon 15 minutes faster than my first! WOW. This if what is when you can see results of your hard work (though i'm quite lazy - infact if I were a Pokemon, I would probably be a Snorlax...)

I was quite happy with the outcome and clearly my motivation and the bar to train even further and get better times just got raised up quite a bit!

The whole day was fun! I definetly go to Kaisaniemi run next year also!
(you can find more information about Kaisaniemi juoksu here:)

And since pictures tell more than a thousand words here are some:

                                       It's me, it's me !!! LOOK I'm on TV... Err, on picture!!

                                        10 km to go, or was I trying to wave at someone?

                                                                     Eye of the tiger...

                                                                          Last spurt!

                                         AND HE FINISHES THE RACE TIME 1.57.50!

                                                                    Victory pose! 

                                           Attempting to eat the medal... I was hungry!

                                                         YEAAAH, sports are fun!
                                          15 minutes better time than last half marathon!!!


                               Wait, if I'm a clown, does that mean I'm a clown marathonist?!

                                                            Thanks for reading!