When the run gets tough, the tough gets you to gym!

 Hitting the gym like boss


 Break from running

Have you ever been at a gym? Well most people have at least visited gym once, or at least seen one on tv. But how many of you can say, that you can attend school with as great gym as I do. The gym even has a name apparently, called "The Helmi Center" - sounds like something from a ice hockey stadium doesn't it?

Helmi means pearl by the way, and while we use the Helmi Center, we're like pearls rolling around the floors. Pretty awesome if you ask from me. Like my good friend once said, "a rolling rock doesn't gain moss" - that's my motto aswell. Keep on rolling with sports!

One room of Helmi Center's Gym

If you're on a diet, or on a campaign to lose weight running is the way to go - but so is hitting gym also. Best results come if you can mix the two up in some 3 to 5 day training program.

I also noticed (yes I'm smart like this) that when you train at gym and do endurance races like marathons, you less likely get stiff arms or shoulders while running.

It was rather intresting on my first half marathon ever, to notice that my shoulders got stiff and I had to stretch them while running... Not fun at all.

Well one learns from mistakes and now I do pretty decently gym and cardio in a mixed balance. When before I didn't do gym at all, just practiced running all day long. Again I have to thank one of my friend for getting me hooked on lifting those weights. Breaking your own records at gym is almost as satisfying as breaking your own running records... Also, like while doing marathons, the plus is that there are quite often very atractive and beautiful women training also. The red haired ones are especially cute!

Other room with treadmills (I love treadmills on winter time!!!), rowing boat... thingy, stationary bikes etc.

Anyways do you have a gym at your school, work place, or do you get free vouchers to go use gym from your work place? Comment if you train at gyms, share this blog post if you run marathons!

Maybe year 2021 I look handsome with some muscles!

Thanks for reading!