Jogging makes your thoughts more clear...

Spring is coming, the snow is melting and scaredy-cat of cold Janne is running outside even more.

While you're out there jogging, your head is cleared of thoughts and thinking becomes easier. You have time to think things like "why didn't I purchase chocolate flavoured proteinflour, instead of these special themed flavours...

There are many, many flavours to proteinshakes. Finding one that suits you and is easy to enjoy, makes drinking that drink ascending from heavens a lot easier. Why drink bad tasting proteinshakes, even if it was the best of the best?

I seem to fall for these special themed flavours, such as "lemon-yoghurt" and "ice coffee". Ice coffee as a flavour was sort of intresting at start, but once you drink that stuff daily, it starts to taste bad. Positive side of it was, that it mixed really well with water. You needed to look out for overdose of caffeine. Especially if you used other supplements, like ripped hardcore...

Lemon-yoghurt tastes kind of intresting. It's tastes fresh, but at the same time I don't like it. It's hard to describe, but I don't like the taste when mixed with water. As a snack it works miracles with quark. If you need something to flavour your protein quarks, this is the choice you want!

Best special flavour I've taste is the Cookies and cream -flavour. It's sweet, really sweet. Tastes like cookies. But at the same time, it's a bit too sweet. Mixes well with water and tastes good mixed with quark. Also works with milk... Cookies and milk, time to get nostalgic visiting grandmothers place... ;)

In any case, i should get real and purchase protein flavours that I can actually count on, safe bets like Strawberry and chocolate. Those don't fail, no matter what the season is!

It's time for shopping soon - I planned to start working on my project: "get in beach shape for year 2021". So I'm buying some suplements from local (well the origin is Sweden) supplement store, called Fitnesstukku. Best choices in Finland!

Do you use proteinshakes? What flavour is your choice? Or are you still looking?