Midnight run 2013

Midnight run 2013 Helsinki

Boom! I ran my first midnight run event yesterday, saturday 31th of August (time to finish was 0:58:06) and all I can say is, that the event is insane! Lots of sideshows like samba, cheerleaders, music etc. corners are present at the event and around the running track, which went around the center of the city of Helsinki. 

The distance was 10 km, which after running a full lenght marathon (42 km) didn't seem hard at all. On the contrary, it felt like a trip at the park. Only problem was, that I didn't really think I could run it on the time I did, so I placed myself in the group 6A (estimated finishing time 1:30 hour), where I should have been in the groups 3A or 4A, because I ran it under 1 hour (58 minutes) and I got stuck behind the slower runners, which cost me many, many precious minutes.

But well, now that I'm one experience richer, I now know I should enter straight off to the faster groups.

 Midnight run is also organized in different countries, like for example in Sweden. So if you miss one event, you can still participate on the other and this year there was runners all over the world!

 Here are few pictures of the event:

 AND THE RUN HAS STARTED (at least for the first group)!
Flame, fire, destruction! Ragnaros (wait, what?)!

 Lots of people was enjoying the event and cheering for the runners. I personally found it intresting, that around 70 percent of the participant were female! - and oh some of them were so beautiful <3 - Definetly coming next year also!

 Me (on the right) and my rabbit Timo (on the left) which kept me going and attempting the best possible run record. Next year under 50 minute on the elite groups, eh, Timbe?!
(thanks to the random beautiful group of women who took the time to take this picture of us)

                                       Yeah victory pose!

     Is it a spiderman or who, climbing up the starting/finishing area?

My starting group 6A! Next year hopefuly 3A!

All in all the whole running event was absolutely amazingly organized and I personally had great time.

See you all next year @Midnight run 2014!

If you're intrested to know more about Midnight run, you can find more information on their website: http://www.midnattsloppet.com/en/