New year 2014 promises

The promises of a new year and the progress how it's going so far.


Almost everyone makes new year promises, at least once in their lifetime. But how many how those promises are actually being kept and what is the reason people make them? Why is it that hard to keep up on promises of something that is good to you in long terms, like healthy lifestyle?

Well let's face it, making promises is easy - Keeping them isn't. That's the basic concept which I came up with (aren't I a smart  one :D ). Too high goals, without ambition and drive to complete them isn't the best mix. That is the very reason one should make decisions, or in this case promises, to have long term goals that benefit you. It doesn't matter if you have the ambition to drop eating candies, or starting to go gym regularly, if you are just going to drop it once you slip from your goal. Missing going to gym once isn't the end of the world, the choice to not go at all because of that one slip is though.

This exactly why I have made a counterattack to my lazyness(!) Instead of just one or two difficult promises, I made fifteen (15) promises! Yes you read that correctly. I made fifteen promises, so breaking few doesn't still sink my boat of awesomeness. I even put all of them on my Facebook cover, so they reminds me of their existence. However, the person I am, I'm trying my utmost best to keep them all happening. This is something a rap artist would response "keep it real", but I am keeping it real - at least I dream of making all those goals once in my lifetime.

Promises to do in year 2014

I'll adress here few of my promises I intend to keep (or at least try to):

  • run a full-lenght marathon (42km) in under 4 hours
  • run half-marathon in under 1 hour 45 minutes
  • no alcohol, candies or chocolate
  • participate on ironman competition
  • learn to dance
and 10 other very intresting promises, like getting a girlfriend (":D"), but some promises are just meant to be broken. I however wish the dream to compete on ironman would happen. The investment for the bicycle might be a bit too much though, we will see.

I'm especially proud of the no alcohol/candies/chocolate promise, it's been 18 days already, so this is now counted in weeks, soon to be counted in months. Just to test my ironwill, I purchased a candy box before I started this diet. Later on I found out Fazer Amica (a factory in Finland, makes sweets, doughs, food etc. )  remembered me with a some brand new sweets. My will of pure iron is on test here, but I will stay strong.

On other note, my Christmas holidays were a blast, ate too much and got some sweet, sweet gifts (which I purchased myself, but hey!). 


These included:
  •  a brand new pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 19 
  • new gps-multisports watch from TomTom

Just married Janne and Asics (shoes), my new equipment for keeping it strong!

So at least my equipment for new year is in good shape. Hopefuly I stay healthy and my motivation is as high as it was last year.

What promises/gifts you guys got or made? Did the promises get forgotten right off, or are you still keeping it strong like a strong athelete you are?