SnowRunFest 2014

Fun, Entertaining, SnowRunFest. - Short description of the hottest, different, running event of the winter. 

(my most sincere apology for the long and detailed posting in advance)

When I heard about the original "mudrun 2013" running event, I knew that was going to be entertaining and I just had to participate on it. Unfortunately the time and location didn't fit into my timeschedule and the best I could do was to watch the event from pictures posted on the event site.

Luckily enough, the organisation who made the mudrun 2013, came up with an idea to make a tour of "different kind of running events" - colour run, mudrun and the latest I participated on, the SnowRunFest. The location and time fit me perfectly so there was no hesitation to hook up and participate on the most intresting winter event -ever?

First SnowRunFest running event February 8th, 2014

The hype for this was big. The marketing team of the funrun.fi organisation made sure people got hyped of the event before it even happened. I was rather sceptical at start, how this could be the best event ever, with bad weather and not that much snow on the ground... Luckily I was proven wrong by the event. It was simply awesome.

The event was held in Hietsu (it's a famous beach), in Helsinki. Getting to the location was easy, since there was tons of participants and following people with the event hat/ running shoes on was made easy. My mapping skill is kind of bad, so I just joined the line of runners and followed them to the event place.

Closing in on the event place

Closing in on the event place, you could hear the music already being played by maybe the best DJ's in the world (:D) DJ's were part of radio station energy Finland (NRJ) staff. My initial first thought was "hey, the party is on!" There was this large event stage, which we saw from miles away. Nice!

Party stage was visible from miles away

Group 5

Me and my friend (later known as bunny) had signed up for running group 5, so we had time to check around the event area. There was lots of intresting sights to see, mainly the awesome carneval costumes the other runners were having on. The whole event got this really awesome feeling to it, with everyone putting effort into what they wear. I didn't dress up that nicely, just had a penguin hat on as my helm. If I knew there were this many "cosplayers", I would have purchased some digimon suit or autobot suit to wear. There was also people from Finnish fitness gym called Fressi warming people up all the time, while music was playing on the stage.

Fressi warming people up, while DJ from NRJ playing music

 Time to run!

There were a total of eight different obstacles. The lenght of the running course was 2,5 kilometers, which would be run twice. So in total of 5 kilometer, with obstacles passed twice. If you couldn't pass some obstacle, you could pass it by going around it. Which was nice.

I'll shortly describe the obstacles: there was snowhills, sumo wrestlers (which on the first lap was rather disapointing, with the mass start they were quickly passed. Though it was rather hilarious that some runners started to scream. So surprised they were of them!), then there was big slide, which you had to climb on top of with ropes (I kinda injured myself on the first slide haha), then there was sea of coloured balls which was fun. More climbing obstacles and stuff.  Oh and then there was a tunnel which you had to crawl from under. Fun!

One of the obstacles, this giant slide which looked like a lion from far away, but turned in to a lamb when we go closer.

While it doesn't seem that long of a lenght to run, it really gave a nice sweat. I liked the course. I would have probably enjoyed it more, but my bunny decided that it was going too slow and we moved our pace quite a lot. Young people have too much energy, hard to keep up with them!

Entering the finishing line

Unfortunately like everything fun, there has to be an end somewhere and our run was finishing it's two laps. Me and my bunny entered the finishing line and the medals for participating was given to us. Yay, this years first medals!

Me and my Bunny after finishing the run

SnowRunFest 2014 medal

If I had to give feedback about SnowRunFest, I'd say it was one of the best running events I have had the luxury to join (well, participate at). The course was lighted up in disco theme, which gave it's own touch. Music was loud enough, so the runners would hear it, obstacles were hard enough and people gave their own touch by having most awesome costumes ever!

Awesome costumes. Teletabbies "Let's hug, again again!"
TLDR (too long didn't read): It was awesome!

Now time to go party some, while the DJ's still playing music. After that it's time to go change clothes and start moving towards Tiger nightclub, where the afterparties were supposed to happen!