Challenge: "The veggieweek!"

Challenges make life intresting. It could be new intresting challenges in work, sports, or in life general - as long as you can overcome the challenges given, or chosen by you. All of my new year promises are still valid, even the candy strike: But let's spice this year 2014 up a little by adding monthly challenges. February challenge is: the veggieweek!

What is "veggieweek" and why?

Earlier this year, the Finnish goverments health&nutritions councelling office gave new recommendations for the food nutritions (can be found by clicking here). There was some changes, like eat less salt, red meat is bad etc. Some things however, like eat more vegteables didn't change. Overall it's a good read for everyone.

The recommendations made me think of my choices for my everyday eating habits and how I fill up my eating diary. Even that my food diary has seen significant improvements, as how how I eat now, compared to months back when I started to write down everything I eat (I still need to learn to put down my morning weight... ) - I started to think, how else I could start eating properly.

With the helpful push from certain webplatform newsarticle, I thought: "Hey, let's became a vegetarian for a week!". I then consulted a friend of mine who is a nutrionist specialist and she told me some very devastating facts about being a full-time vegetarian. Some horror stories like "they dont eat milk, eat cheese, chicken or fish. - I can understand almost everything except the milk part. Why? Just why!?

So my "the veggieweek" will be a semi-veggie'ish. I won't eat meat, chicken, or anything like that. But I am still allowed to eat/drink milk products.

Starting the challenge

The challenge already started off 1st of February and will last all the way to 8th of February. Or maybe until 9th of Feb, I'm slightly busy that weekend, because of SnowRunFest (read more about it on the earlier blog).

The foods I've made gave so far been rather creative and have tasted like something out of a culinary restaurant. I'm just that good of a cook (take notes girls ;) !).

Will be rather exciting to see how this challenge turns out, will I fall and eat meat, or will I finish this like a real endurance runner finishes marathon race?

Looks delicious! Maybe I put too much chili on it... again.

Paying off already!

It seems like going veggie lover for a week has paid off already. Just two days in and I got a lovely letter from my bank, OP-Pohjola. No, it wasn't a bill or anything like that, but free tickets to floorball games this season! I took part of a Facebook competition and I was one of the lucky winners to get free tickets. Yay for lady fortuna! Now if I would get a dream job, or win in big time lottery, I might think about going veggie loving full-time. Food for the thought, eh?

Free tickets to watch floorball games


Speaking of seasons and coachsports. The superbowl XLVIII was held this weekend and I had the luxury to watch the match from tv. The hype about this seasons best attack team vs the best defense team was surprisingly good. Match between Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks should be very exciting to watch. Or so I thought...

I've been intrested in american football mainly because of the advertisements that come up every year during the super bowl, but lately since a friends of mine plays the finnish american football league, I've started to watch the games even.

(picture capture from ruutu.fi)
Among all great sports that come from America, it's safe to assume super bowl between  the best teams gathers viewers. After all it's a magnificent event, that gathers viewers from all around the world.

The match was slightly disapointment. It was super boring. Seahawks destroyed Broncos and were already leading 29 to 0 after first half. Last time there was team shutdown in super bowl was years ago (yes very specific i know, I think it was in year 80's-90's? or so ).

Bronco's still having fighting spirit left
(picture capture from ruutu.fi)
The score didn't matter at the end, because the event was super entertaining with red hot chili peppers performing during the break. Oh and the cheerleaders... Yes, one of the reasons to watch football is the cheerleaders. They know how to make the games intresting for viewers.

Seattle Seahawks 43  - Denver Broncos 8

Sums the feelings of Bronco's pretty much.
(picture capture from ruutu.fi)
 Good match, Congratulations Seahawks on first superbowl victory. Both teams did great and have many challenges ahead of them. Just like we all do.

Thanks for reading, I'm off to eat some carrots!