Olympics Sochi 2014

Time for winter Olympics, this time in Russia, Sochi!

One of the most spectacular event in any professional atheles career, is participating in Olympics. I'm far from being a athelete fit to represent my country in Olympics, but I do my best representing my home couch and watch the olympics sports the best I can. Cheering my home country is not optional. It's something you do from the bottom of your heart.

You can watch the majestic pictures of Olympics 2014 here:

Looking at pictures of the Olympics openings, it's massive. Grand. Epic, or should I call it... Legendary? Maybe Legendary isn't the best word to describe it, with Sotsh having problems with hotels and the brutal news of them hiring a company to slaughter stray dogs/ cats. - While it may be horrible to hear, the stray animals do risk the health of f.ex ski jumpers...

With 400 millions euros put into these olympic games, you'd think there would have been an alternative method, which would had gave purpose to both animal lovers and the haters.

Unfortunately, the stray animals issue isn't only thing thats putting shadow over the olympics. There was newsitem that a airplane was attempted to kidnap and terrorism news... I just hope people respect the sport of olympics and everything goes well.

Back to the business though. While the Olympics are under way in Sochi, Russia, everyone will cheer for their teams, or maybe have favourite atheles to cheer on. Finland being a igloo and polarbear country, we should do well on winter olympics.

I hope Finland wins at least 1 gold medal, few silver and few bronze medals.

My top choices for the medals are: speed skating (Mika Poutala), Finnish Women and Men hockey teams (Selänne, Selänne, Selänne!), skiing, snowboarding and women curling. I'm sure there are also few surprisers in the atheletes, that could bring medals back home.

  • 2 Gold
  • 4 Silver
  • 1 Bronze

That's my list for Team Finland - What its like for you?

What other teams you cheer? Or what country you cheer for?  Which team has the best uniforms? How do you pronounce Sochi (is it sotsh?), Comment below!