My treasure box

My precioussss... 

Lord of the Rings quotes aside, I said I show you my competition medals (well, they are finishing prizes really). Here they are:


My preciouss... Year 2013 finished medals/diplom & competition number tags

The finishing prizes/medals are (not in order):

  • Helsinki City Run (21km)
  • Helsinki City Marathon (42km)
  • Pääkaupunkijuoksu (21km)
  • Espoo Rantamarathon (21km)
  • Kaisaniemijuoksu (21km)
  • Midnightrun Helsinki (10km, it's the certificate/diploma)

I even came up with fixing them a treasurebox to store them into. Hopefuly I don't end up throwing them into garbage bin because of the box. I should decorate the box, any ideas how to make it cute? Or athelete type? Lots of sweat and blood and it's finished? Good idea, maybe I visit some hobby crafts shop for items to make it look better.

Once the photosession was over, here how the prizes ended up like. Maybe I should invest in a trophy cabinet. Time will tell, maybe in year 2014...


In the treasurebox they all went, waiting for new friends to arrive from their journey...

Finishing prizes

How is your trophy cabinet/ where ever you store your medals looking like? Or do you even keep them in store anymore?