Playing around with my blog!

 Boring day

Got slightly bored today and started to look at Bloggers settings. Found out, that my blog was super plain and I wanted to try something different with it.

So changed the whole consept of it, with picture as backround and will add a picture as banner on top of the site. I wonder how that will look like.

I'm also testing out, if it's possible to make blog posts, that can link with each other - that way I could have finnish&english written blogs, if someone would enjoy reading my posts in finnish.

Using Bloggers own backround photo, but since I like to claim myself as a photographer (at least as a hobby), I'll try to get different kind of picture.

How you think the blog looks currently? Is the font readable? Does my blog look a lot more cheerful now, than the old black? Comment and subsribe!

--- Maybe I should have added before and after pictures... So the difference could be seen: But you can think of the old blog as "really dark, gloomy and stupid". Compared to this super cheerful blog!