A bit nervous

Helsinki Half Marathon 2014

It's been almost one month since this year's first half marathon, Helsinki City Run. Even though it didn't go as smooth as I had hoped, there's a saying "there is always tomorrow - in this case, there's always a next marathon".

Helsinki Half Marathon is rather new as a running event, it's organized for the first time this year, so I'm rather exciting to go test the course out and how the services work. in- and out of the event. Looking at the map, there seem to be a lot of music for the runners to enjoy during the running course (This resembles Rock'N'Roll marathon -series).

I'm going to get my BIB and other stuff during friday and the run happens on saturday. Will see how it goes. I will definetely make a blogpost about the whole event.

I'm rather nervous though, I've been going to the gym lately a lot more and been running. My whole body is rather tingling though, maybe my muscles are a bit sore. I decided to rest thursday and friday and take it easy. Eat a bit of candies and drink carbohydrate drinks to fill me up on carbs for saturday.

The carbs drink I'm using is called Vitargo -carboloader. It works at least at the gym, giving nice energy for the muscle training. I haven't tested it for endurance yet, but this saturdays Half marathon will do just fine.

I'll make a new blogpost about Vitargo carboloader review. Definetely worth it, if it works as a energizer for endurance also.

You can find more informationa about Helsinki Half Marathon on their website.

Wish me luck!